Friday, 4 September 2009

Unboxing the EeePC

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures while doing this as I was getting on with it, however a few notes:

  • First impressions of the EeePC were that it is a great size and weight even when the battery is in (~1.2kg as quoted on the Asus website).
  • I really like the keyboard which goes right to the edges of the netbook to get in the maximum size.
  • The screen looks good and I read elsewhere about the hinges which are low to keep the size when open as small as possible while allowing the screen to be readable.
  • The touchpad is not recessed into the fascia or surrounded as on other laptops. The area is defined by little dimples which are fairly hard to see but it is very easy to use and feel where the edges are.
  • The transformer pack is tiny for a laptop, probably half the size if not less which is good, as if you are travelling with the netbook for a time where you will need to charge it you don't want to be carrying around a big transformer that takes up as much space as the laptop itself.
  • It comes with a very nice zipped carrying sleeve to protect it. I don't know what material it is but it feels very nice and also means you don't have to buy a case to carry it in.
  • The only other things in the box are a recovery DVD and manuals/warranties.

I will post about the SSD and RAM upgrades as soon as I can but they are all done! AJ


  1. wtf i didnt get a sleeve!

  2. I don't know why maybe a different model of 1005HA - is yours the one with the N280 processor and 10.5hr battery life?

  3. i also just purchase this system. no sleeve.