Saturday, 5 September 2009


The EeePC 1005HA unfortunately only has 1 slot for RAM which means you have to replace the one it comes with if you wish to upgrade. This is a bit annoying as it is a waste of a 1GB stick of RAM but worth it for the performance gain. These are the details for the RAM:

  • 2GB
  • PC2 - 5300 or 6400
  • 200-pin SODIMM - important as this is laptop sized RAM
  • 667 or 800MHz
  • The model I bought is a Kingston KVR667D2S5/2G

To install it in the EeePC you must first remove the cover over the RAM slot. You can see at the top of the picture a gold thread - that is what the screw you need to remove goes into. It is a bit worrying when you try and remove the cover as it feels very stiff, but there are just some clips down the sides of the cover which you can ease off - then you are in.

Then you have the RAM and it has a silver bar at the top and the bottom which hold it in. To remove the RAM push these bars away from the RAM and the RAM will pop upwards. Then you can just slide it out and it will be free, then you can put your new bit of RAM in and press it down to click into the silver bars. Make sure the bars line up with the notches in the RAM to check it is fully in otherwise your EeePC will not turn on (as I found out!).



  1. Thanks for the post. The stiffness was a bit disconcerting but as you said just pulling it off worked.

  2. Ditto the thanks for this - the stiffness of the RAM cover is so high that I just stopped, then went online to look for help. Also, I bought the 2 GB stick from Crucial - always had good experience w/ them.

  3. Thanks for the info, saved me some time looking it up.

    About $50 total right now for a 2GB 800MHz stick, not bad.

  4. so a speed of 800mhz will work definetly?

  5. Yes 800MHz should definitely work. I cannot confirm it as I installed 667MHz. I think the RAM it ships with is 800MHz.

  6. Where did you find compatible RAM specs.? Neither Asus site nor manual list requirements. Sorry for being skeptical, but I'd like some official word on campatible memory specs before proceeding.

  7. I found the specs using a mixture of the 1GB RAM module I took out of the Eee and the Crucial website which is a very reliable resource when it comes to buying/finding RAM.
    This is the link to the Crucial website with the suggested RAM upgrade (I hope it works):

    There is a lot of debate about using 667/800MHz RAM in the Eee. As I understand the N280 processor uses 667MHz so even if you buy a 800MHz chip it will underclock it to 667MHz. It may therefore be worth just buying a 667MHz chip in the first place if the full potential cannot be used. Asus do however ship them with 800MHz RAM themselves!

    I hope this helps remove your scepticism! As you said Asus do not list the full details themselves so I found the information elsewhere with other trusted resources.
    Any other questions?

  8. Put in 2g ram, but windows 7 starter only recognizes 1g? Is there a limit using windows 7 starter?

  9. The limit is 2GB, so it should recognise it. I have Windows 7 Pro and that definitely recognises it, have you checked you have bought the correct stick of RAM?
    If it doesn't work, I think you have to update the BIOS to recognise it (check the ASUS website).

  10. What size screwdriver did you use?

  11. Mine worked once I went into the BIOS (press F2 during boot) and disabled "Boot Booster" on the Boot page.

    Just entering the BIOS might have been enough because the Main page said it had 2 GB, but the user manual recommended disabling "Boot Booster" so that's what I did.

  12. "if you generally use Super High Performance Mode of Super Hybrid Engine, we recommend you to use SO-DIMM DDR-2 PC2-6400 200-pin 800 MHz memory module to prevent the bottleneck effect. Because FSB speed will increase when use this mode. So memory clock rate of 800 MHz is more compatible than 667 MHz."

    If anyone still bother about it, this is a pretty convincing explanation.

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