Monday, 7 December 2009

SSD number 2 and general update

The first EeePC wasn't mine but as I was so impressed by it that I am getting one for Christmas, which is why I haven't written about how to install Windows 7 yet. A SSD is a must so have bought one of those ready and I will also be doing the 2GB RAM upgrade (I have bought the same RAM as before).

The SSD I have bought this time is the Kingston SNV125-S2/128GB. It is one of the SSDNow V series drives which are readily available at the moment in all sizes. The reason I have not bought a Corsair S128 as before is because they have recently become a lot more expensive, I think they are over £250. The drive I was originally looking at was a Transcend 128GB SSD (Transcend TS128GSSD25S-M) which is cheaper and is slightly faster but is not available anywhere and the companies that list them do not know when they are coming into stock.
Again it has a 128GB capactiy and obviously is a 2.5" drive, power usage of 0.45W, very light, no moving parts and quick access time.

This time I bought the SSD from component shop which gave a great service and I highly recommend. It says on their website, same day dispatch if ordered before 15.30, I ordered at about 18.00 and it arrived the next day! They also offered the best price - £156.50 inc. VAT. Both models are available from them at good prices, this is the Kingston one and this is the Transcend one (which is not available at the moment).

When I put this SSD into my EeePC I will take some more pictures of the swap and inside the EeePC (I'll have a look to see if there is space and connections for other mods). I will hopefully also make a video showing startup speed etc (when it is running Windows 7).

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments. AJ

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